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For patients

A doubt, a worry, need a health advice? ToubibLib this is the solution
  • ToubibLib is an innovative platform that allows you to quickly find a doctor closest to you and make an appointment online for free.
  • ToubibLib allows you to ask your questions online directly to physicians respecting the terms of confidentiality.
  • ToubibLib is the Search Engine to find a nearby pharmacy.
  • ToubibLib gives you information on the most common disease symptoms.

For health professionals

ToubibLib is a comprehensive medical office management service that optimizes your organization and saves you time. With ToubibLib , you share your availability in real time with your patients according to your criteria, while keeping your hand on your medical calendar. ToubibLib allows you to get in touch directly with Tunisian and foreign patients and answer their questions.
All our services are FREE
Our ultimate goal is to improve access to healthcare in Tunisia by providing you with simple and intuitive tools so that everyone becomes a player in their health and well-being .