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Back pain (low back pain) Symptoms and complications

Back pain (also known as back pain or low back pain) is one of the main causes of medical consultation. Many people suffer from it occasionally, especially before age 65. Strenuous physical work is likely to overload the back and cause disorders, but sedentary lifestyle and stress are also two common causes of back problems. What...

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Symptoms and causes

Cartilages that protect the surface of the bones inside the joints lose their flexibility over time; as a result, their depreciation capacity decreases. They crack under the pressure constraints of movement. The articular surfaces are less well lubricated, the ligaments become fibrous. Flexibility and general flexibility are affected. Osteoarthritis, commonly known...

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Symptoms and Causes

What are the symptoms of osteoarthritis?   Osteoarthritis causes joint pain and stiffening of the joints. The person complains of knee, hip or difficulty moving their fingers. The symptoms usually disappear during sleep. Joint pain is more intense on waking (until the joints warm up) and after a more sustained exercise than usual (gardening, DIY, hiking, etc.)....

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What to do?

How to react in case of aches or cramps? - Aches and pains disappear more quickly if you keep your aching muscles moving with light stretching, cycling or walking, for example. - A warm bath relaxes the muscles and soothes the pains. - The local application of heat - in the form of heat packs or an electric cushion - alleviates as well. - A massage can relax the muscula...

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