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This site is not intended to compete with clinical medicine, but rather to encourage existing relationships between patient and physician. Tele-consulting comes in addition to field medicine. In no way may the site be used for commercial or lucrative or advertising purposes.


The ToubibLib site provides relevant medical advice, medical information, general answers to user requests in the field of health.
Users’ questions are forwarded to health professionals working on the site who respond directly to the user on the site or via secure messaging.
The health professionals identified on the site do not necessarily represent all the competent and available professionals in the specialty and the geographical area selected by the User, and as such, it is possible for the latter, if he would like to use other directories available to identify other health professionals of his choice.
– online information or counseling is not a medical consultation and must not exempt the doctor or the patient from a genuine consultation with a history and a clinical examination which alone can lead to a diagnosis and a diagnosis. prescription.

health professionals (doctors)

The health professionals intervening on the site are obligatorily doctors registered with the National Council of the Order of Doctors of Tunisia and are called to mention their qualification and undertake to respect this charter:
The doctors intervening on the site are called to insert the information that a doctor is authorized to mention within the meaning of article 23 of the CODE DE DEONTOLOGIE TUNISIAN MEDICINE : to know
1) Those that facilitate his relations with his patients: name, first name, address, telephone number and hours of consultation. 2) The qualification that has been recognized by the National Council of the College of Physicians.
3) University and hospital titles and functions that must specify the faculty or hospital in question. These titles and functions must be those in progress on the day of the indication. The titles and functions preceding the indication must be preceded by the word “old”.
– Doctors are obliged to provide, in the field of their ordinal skills, appropriate and intelligible information by Internet users, based on the data acquired from science and the practices usually accepted.
– Health professionals working on ToubibLib act independently of the ToubibLib platform and take responsibility for the information and advice they provide.
– Within the framework of tele-advice, it is forbidden to the doctors to make a diagnosis or a prescription (they are called to give in their soul and conscience, information and medical advice in the respect of the Oath of Hippocrates.) br> – Any prescription or request for prescription of medicines, and / or recommendation of medical treatment based on drugs are strictly prohibited.
– The remote medical advice is not a teleconsultation: the doctors undertake to direct the user towards his / her doctor or a specialist for the purpose of a consultation necessary for the examination necessary to the diagnosis.
– Healthcare professionals working on ToubibLib undertake not to denigrate their colleagues, not to seek to divert the patients, for their benefit or that of another doctor.
– Health professionals intervening on the site undertake not to receive remuneration from a colleague or any organization or practitioner for sending them clients. – The doctors respect the legal provisions governing the Tunisian Code of Medical Ethics , adopted under decree n ° 93-1155 of May 17th, 1993 . The same is true for health professionals working in the dental sector, who respect the legal provisions governing the Tunisian Dental Code of Ethics , adopted by virtue of decree n ° 73-259 of the May 31, 1973 .
– health professionals during their intervention on the site undertake to respect the code of medical ethics Tunisian concerning its ordinal membership.