I have vaginal discharge

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I have vaginal discharge

I have vaginal discharge

Symptoms and Causes

Vaginal mycosis is due to fungi, mostly yeasts of the Candida albicans type, hence the name candidiasis. Provoking troublesome symptoms, this vaginal infection always requires treatment.

What are the symptoms of vaginal thrush?
Vaginal candidiasis causes itching and inflammation of the vulva (vulvitis) and vagina (vaginitis). Sometimes, there are also thick, whitish flows (white losses or yellow losses).

When to worry about vaginal discharge?
Vaginal discharge is normal when it is milky or transparent, white or light yellow, odorless. When the vaginal discharge has an unpleasant odor, when it has a sparkling, yellowish or greenish appearance, or when it is lumpy (like curd), it is best to consult your doctor quickly, these signs may indicate the development of local infection by microscopic fungi or bacteria.
What are the causes of vaginal thrush?
Candida albicans yeasts usually live on the genital mucosa without causing symptoms. However, various circumstances can cause their multiplication and the appearance of vaginal candidiasis.

Thus, an antibiotic treatment eliminating the vaginal flora (bacteria that control the proliferation of yeasts) can induce the occurrence of candidiasis, as well as a momentary or permanent weakening of the immune system. Hormonal changes during pregnancy and taking the contraceptive pill can produce the same effect. Conditions such as diabetes also promote candidiasis.

Finally, Candida albicans vaginal infections are favored by the use of certain soaps, the excessive practice of douching, or the wearing of synthetic garments and undergarments absorbing less moisture than cotton. Baths in jacuzzis and poorly disinfected pools can promote the transmission of these vaginal infections. Defective hygiene can also cause this type of infection.

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