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I do aerophagy

I do aerophagy

Bloating, flatulence and aerophagia

We do not like to talk about these disorders, called "flatulence", "meteorism", "bloating", or just "farts". At best, they make people laugh but they can also embarrass the people who are affected. It is sometimes enough to modify his diet so that the inconvenience caused disappear.

What are the symptoms of bloating?

The meteorism, or intestinal bloating, causes borborygms and gurgles in the digestive tract, and sometimes pain. It is due to an accumulation of intestinal gas. If these gases are expelled, they spread an unpleasant and annoying odor. On the other hand, if these gases can not be eliminated, they accumulate and cause pain.

The phenomenon of aerophagia occurs when a person "eats air". Swallowing two to four liters of air a day is perfectly normal. But too large a volume of gas causes a dilation of the stomach which, when it is important, results in tugging in the belly. If some of the air is emitted through the mouth, another part follows the same path as food and will increase the volume of flatulence.

The aerophagia is partly due to nervousness, causing some people frequent swallowing. Eating or drinking too fast, or talking while eating also increases the amount of air swallowed. Lastly, chewing gum chewing, soft drinks and snacking between meals promote flatulence.

What are the possible complications of bloating?

Bloating usually does not cause complications. If they are large and painful, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish them from other gastrointestinal disorders, such as constipation.

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