I am exhausted by my work

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I am exhausted by my work

I am exhausted by my work

Burn out

Burnout, also known as burn out, is a psychic disorder resulting from chronic stress in the workplace. It results in intense fatigue, great professional frustration, unusual and excessive emotional detachment, and a feeling of uncontrollable failure.

How does the burn out appear?
Burnout gradually develops in some people exposed to frustrating and demotivating working conditions: in the face of fatigue, the feeling of failure and the difficulties of concentration, they tend to work more and more to try to find satisfaction and confidence in them. If working conditions remain difficult, a vicious circle sets in until lasting emotional exhaustion, burn-out.

What are the signs of burn out?
The World Health Organization defines burnout as "a feeling of intense fatigue, loss of control and inability to achieve tangible results at work". Most often, this is reflected firstly by physical signs, permanent fatigue, back pain, insomnia, migraine, stomachaches, frequent infections, etc. Most often, these signs disappear spontaneously, but without this being a sign of a lasting improvement in the state of health. A psychic suffering can also be manifested in parallel from the beginning: an emotional void, anxiety in all its forms, irritability, a tendency to isolate oneself, difficulties of concentration, a feeling of being overwhelmed by events or demotivation.

When working conditions continue to be unsatisfactory, other characteristic signs appear gradually, frustration, feeling of failure and excessive detachment from events and surroundings. The exhausted person becomes abnormally cold and indifferent, emotionally isolated, and unusually cynical.

When the job situation does not improve, the symptoms worsen. Disorders of eating behavior can appear, even addictions (alcohol, drugs, drugs). Exhaustion, when it persists, can also trigger a known depression that aggravates burnout.

People suffering from burnout for long periods of time seem to be prone to other health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, overweight or obesity.

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