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Privacy Policy
  • Users’ questions in the medical field are sent to the Physician who responds directly to the User via ToubibLib. They are stored in a secure database, confidential and subject to medical secrecy. As such, the questions asked by the User and the answers provided by the Doctor are strictly confidential.
  • The correspondences between users and doctors are confidential and focus on professional secrecy as stipulated in article 8 of the code of medical ethics.
  • Users’ questions are sent to doctors who answer them exclusively via secure messaging, each doctor has secure access.
Site users:
    • the User agrees to access and use the Site and the Services in good faith, in a reasonable manner, not contrary to the terms of this Policy and for strictly personal use and for non-profit purposes.
    • The User can benefit from the Service only if he is in full agreement and without reservations with the following conditions: – To be of age – Having consented to the collection and processing of his personal data, and in strict compliance with the rules of protection of personal data in force and in accordance with the Organic Law n ° 2004-63 of July 27 2004, on the protection of personal data and mentioned in these Terms of Use.
      – the user is responsible for data disseminated and / or used and / or transferred
      – the user undertakes not to disseminate remarks, opinions or information of a defamatory, denigrating, abusive, obscene, violent, racist and more generally contravening Tunisian legal or regulatory texts in force, the rights of persons, the public order and morality.
      – the user undertakes not to broadcast advertising content of a commercial nature.
      When the user is asked to provide information, he will:
      – deliver real, accurate, up-to-date information at the time of their seizure and in particular not to use false names, qualities or addresses, or names, qualities or addresses without being authorized.
      – not making available or distributing information, programs or elements that are illegal, objectionable or harmful (such as viruses, hacking or copying software).
      In case of violation of these provisions, the content that you have put online may be deleted without prior notice and your access to services may be suspended or terminated to your exclusive fault, and this without prejudice to any action for damages.
      – The ToubibLib platform is not an emergency service. In the event of a life-saving emergency, it is strongly recommended that you dial one of the following numbers:
      • 190: SAMU – Urgent Medical Services
      • 198: Civil Protection
(Users not residing in Tunisia are invited to contact the emergency services related to their respective geographical situation)