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Excess cholesterol is not a disease in itself but a risk factor for other diseases of the heart and vessels. After several years of high levels, cholesterol gradually causes a loss of elasticity of the arteries and reduces their diameter. It is called atherosclerosis (or arteriosclerosis), a disease that can have serious consequences. The treatment of excess cholesterol is ba...

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Symptoms and complications

Hemorrhoids (inflammation and excessive dilation of hemorrhoidal veins) can cause painful seizures. A healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of inflammation and when a crisis occurs, drugs can treat it. In some cases, surgery is needed. What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids (and not hemorrhoids or haemorrhoids, as sometimes mistakenly written) are...

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Hypertension (HTA)

High blood pressure (also known as essential hypertension in adults or hypertension) is one of the major risk factors for heart disease, kidney failure and stroke (stroke). With few symptoms, it usually appears with age, often accompanied by excess weight. A better lifestyle can prevent it or limit its complications. Blood pressure, what is it?   The arteries...

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