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Stop smoking

  Among the healthy lifestyle measures that can be taken to maintain health, smoking cessation is probably the one that brings the most benefits. Since nicotine is a potent addictive substance, stopping smoking often requires significant motivation and repeated attempts. Each puff of cigarette is composed of more than 4,000 chemical particles, including poisons such...

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Depression or depression?

Blow of a headache or depression, how to know? To have a "cockroach" is a natural manifestation of the psyche. A depression is characterized by a feeling of transient sadness that may or may not be related to specific reasons. However, if the psychological state does not improve after about two weeks, it is important to consult because it may be a depression ...

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Burn out

Burnout, also known as burn out, is a psychic disorder resulting from chronic stress in the workplace. It results in intense fatigue, great professional frustration, unusual and excessive emotional detachment, and a feeling of uncontrollable failure. How does the burn out appear? Burnout gradually develops in some people exposed to frustrating and demotivating working cond...

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Fatigue felt outside any effort can be a sign of a disrupted lifestyle. But it can also be a tell-tale sign of a disease. While medications can help you get by, improving your energy level usually involves challenging your habits. What are the symptoms of fatigue? - The symptoms of general fatigue (asthenia) are sometimes very discreet. - Even if you have slept well, you f...

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