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For some time now, women's magazines, blogs and specialized websites have seen numerous articles touting a "new diet", intermittent fasting. If fasting has long been known, it has often been considered a religious practice; many religions described its merits, such as body detoxification, the art of patience, and the purification of the soul.

Several scientific studies, carried out during t...

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We read everywhere the benefits of detox drinks on health. Souha Chabchoub, Nutrionnist, enlighten us on this subject and offers us some recipes to adopt. 1 / What is a Detox drink? A detox drink is a drink made from fruits, vegetables or plants that aims to purify the body.

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Food supplements were born in the 1970s in the United States. Ten years later, it is the introduction on the European market and since 1996 and following the mad cow case, food supplements are subject to strict control with the implementation of the first decrees relating to the regulation of their manufacture. What about the place of these products on the Tunisian market? Details with Dr. Chokri ...

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